Jillian Camisasca-Lopina of Secondhand Exposure PhotographyHi! I’m Jillian Camisasca-Lopina. I capture emotion and create beautiful photographs.

I’m a maternity, birth, and family photographer in the Tampa Bay area. My passion lies in photographing maternity (baby bellies!), documenting birth (from labor to postpartum), and family portraits (so fun). I can be found photographing expectant mamas, babies, couples, and families, capturing the joy in all of us. I began my love of photography in a darkroom in northern Virginia. Grounded in the techniques and skill found in traditional analog photography, I have the technical know-how to create beautiful photographs. Combined with my creative spirit, I find so much joy in connecting with people and creating gorgeous photographs!

What’s in a name? Secondhand Exposure was born while I was living in the Netherlands. My family & friends were experiencing my excitement & explorations from abroad- secondhand, from my photographs and writing. And exposure being a camera term and all, I thought it was a great fit. Now, I continue to capture the beauty and genuine emotion- joy, love, surprise, admiration, wonder, closeness- of my clients. Through my lens, to you.

Working Birth- a podcast about birth professionals

Beyond being a birth photographer, I’m actively involved in the birth community here in Tampa. I’ve also started a podcast + portrait project called Working Birth, highlighting the amazing work of birth professionals. You can listen on iTunes, Stitcher, and the website!

Feel free to email me at: secondhandexposurephoto (at) gmail (dot) com

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